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Nestled just off the edge of Northport Bay, Huntington is a richly historical town brimming with interesting sights and activities. From robust state parks to lively concert halls, there is plenty to satisfy any traveler or resident. But commuting and parking can be difficult at times, especially in the busier districts.

If you are planning a special night out or just want to get somewhere quickly, why put yourself through the stress? Stride Limo Worldwide provides upscale ground transportation that is punctual and flexible enough to suit any occasion.

Qualified Chauffeurs That Put You First

Stride Limo Worldwide understands that providing a friendly environment is what makes an experience truly exceptional. Bad service, whether it be in a restaurant or store, can completely dampen a pleasant day. That is why we take every possible measure to ensure our clients feel comfortable and secure at all times.

From the moment our chauffeurs arrive, they are trained to act courteously and always consider your needs. Each one has undergone vigorous training, which emphasizes a code of conduct and meticulous procedures. Rest at ease knowing they have your best interest in mind.

Make a Lasting Impression

Stride Limo Worldwide boasts an impressive fleet that is unparalleled in diversity and kept in impeccable condition. Whether you need a sleek sedan for a New York airport transfer from LaGuardia or an eight passenger limo, the same quality is found across the board.

Our vehicles are spacious and equipped with GPS navigation, leather seating, and audio controls among other great features. Because they are regularly inspected by a dedicated group of experts, you will always arrive in style.

Affordability Without Compromise

Finding a car service that doesn't break the bank can be difficult. Some businesses offer low rates but poor service. Stride Limo Worldwide, on the other hand, provides a Huntington NY limo service that is phenomenal in both respects.

We treat our clients like royalty, provide luxury vehicles, and reliable service. Regardless of where you need to go, our commitment is to get you there safely and on time. Contact us today and book a ride in just minutes.

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