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What’s Your Travel Persona?


Just like no two destinations are alike, no two travelers are alike. Some of us are addicted to luxury and elegant travel. Others among us don't care about the bells and whistles and just want a journey that's comfortable. Here are the four most common travel personas, in addition to some tips on how these different personas can maximize their travel experiences.

The Jet-Setter

The jet-setter is the traveler who still treats flying like an occasion. The jet-setter is someone who thinks that travel should be a stylish, elegant affair. From designer luggage to first class amenities, the jet-setter wants travel to be a delightful experience.

Travel Tip: If you're a jet-setter, don't let the elegance end when you deplane and leave first class. Instead, opt for a chauffeur for your airport transfer in New York.

The Executive

The executive is the business traveler who likes to navigate travel in style. However, unlike the jet-setter, the executive isn't just there to sip champagne and relax in luxury. Rather, the executive places a huge emphasis on having tech devices that will help him or her to stay connected to their job while they're on the go.

Travel Tip: Time is of the essence when you're traveling for business. For this reason, don't rely on cabs or ride-sharing apps. Instead, book a ride from the airport ahead of time to make sure you stay on schedule.

The Adventurer

The adventurer doesn't really care about whether or no there's Wi-Fi or champagne; rather, they travel for the experience. The adventurer is the one who's always striking up conversations in the airport bar or looking for rare local souvenirs in the gift shop. The adventurer doesn't want to feel like a diva, he or she just wants to feel alive.

Travel Tip: Remember, there's a fine line between adventure and danger. When traveling to a new place, don't let your adventurous side put you in a situation that could be dangerous. Gypsy cabs are never a good idea, as they're unlicensed. Instead, book your ride from the airport in advance.

The Comfort Seeker

As little as the adventurer cares about elegance in travel, the comfort seeker really doesn't care. The comfort seeker is the person in sweats and carrying a travel pillow. They don't want a crazy story or a first-class experience; instead, they just want to make flying as painless and stress-free as possible.

Travel Tip: If it's comfort you seek, ditch the usual grind for a taxi when you deplane. Instead, book a chauffeur ahead of time for an easy, comfortable experience getting to your destination.

No matter what sort of traveler you may be, our chauffeurs want to help you to create your perfect travel experience. Whether you need a limo service in Brooklyn or a private car from the airport to Manhattan, let us get you to your destination in luxury, comfort, and style.

Posted on Jul 18 2017

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