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Where to Watch New Year’s Eve Fireworks in New York for 2016/2017


New Year's Eve celebrations in New York City are undeniably among some of the world's best. If you're planning to attend any of these events, rest assured that it will be a grand time. However, the question still remains for many: “Where are the best places to watch fireworks and take part in the night's world-renowned revelry?”. To help make you make your way on this exciting evening, here is your short guide, courtesy of your friends here at Stride Limo - a listing of three, great fireworks events and from where they are best viewed.


Brooklyn Bridge Fireworks Show

Each year, this one included, some of the most mesmerizing of New Year's Eve fireworks displays takes place at this iconic bridge. Book a special tour or go unguided as this event is truly something to behold either way. Many people choose to watch this spectacle from the superior vantage point of the bridge's walkways themselves. From here, one gets an elevated view of the fireworks and their amazing reflection off of the East River below. If you can't get onto the bridge, don't worry. There is plenty of view available from the many river banks in the immediate area.


Fireworks at Prospect Park

In typical times, Prospect Park is a fairly low-key yet beautiful park within the city. On New Year's Eve though, this rule gets turned upside down with a full program of celebrations. Attendees of this free event can look forward to enjoying live music, free hot cocoa, mini-events and vendors, and of course, the grand finale of the final countdown and fireworks.


This event is best enjoyed and viewed from within the park. The fireworks are actually launched at Long Meadow, making the Grand Army Plaza the perfect spot for viewing. If this isn't viable, try viewing this captivating, overhead display from the area between the plaza and 9th Street.


New Year's Eve Fireworks at Times Square

One of the world's most celebrated events, New Year's Eve Fireworks at Times Square is a countdown and fireworks show like no other. Enjoy many, great acts and entertainers early in the evening and an unforgettable climax that leaves you wishing the magic could never end. This is certainly the entire state's most attended event of the evening, so you will want to plan for it ahead and get to know as much as possible about it before that day.


To get this information, we recommend you go to the event's website and read up on the details there. We can however, provide some tips on optimal viewing of this skybound ceremony. Being right in Times Square is certainly an ideal spot, but getting out when it's all over can be quite the event unto itself. If this is a concern, try viewing the fireworks from Central Park or South Point Park. In addition, there are plenty of river cruises along the Hudson that are sure to give a great view and experience for the evening.


New Year's Eve fireworks in NYC provide some of the most memorable experiences ever. These three events represent some of the city's absolute best. For some of the best transportation for this event and any other, call Stride Limo today and leave all the worry of getting around to us. Ride in style, ride with Stride.

Posted on Dec 27 2016

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