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Understanding The Difference Between a Driver and a “Chauffeur”


The difference between a chauffeur and a driver is significant. The words are interchangeable to many, but the level of service, the commitment to duty, and the duty of care provided by a chauffeur is much more significant than that of a driver. It’s not to say drivers aren’t good at their jobs, but we prefer to work only with chauffeurs at our chauffeur service in New York. Our goal is to provide excellence in every aspect of our job, and that’s why we hire the best of the best. Understanding what makes someone a chauffeur versus a driver might not be important to you until you experience the difference firsthand.


Chauffeurs Drive Specific Vehicles

Defined, a chauffeur is someone who is employed to drive a private car or a limousine service. A driver is someone who only drives a car. You are a driver. A taxi driver is a driver. A chauffeur is someone who drives for the purpose of luxury and excellence rather than to drive for a paycheck.


Quality of Service

Drivers are hired to get you where you need to go. If you are leaving the airport and heading to your hotel, that’s what you’ll get with a driver. If you hire a chauffeur from our limo service in Brooklyn, you’ll have more options. If you choose to stop to pick up a few toiletries before reaching your hotel, we’ll stop where you request. If you’re on your way to a dinner while in town, we’ll stop so you can pick up a bottle of champagne for the hostess. Drivers don’t stop for you. Their job is to get you to your destination without any stops or personalized service.


Quality Training

Chauffeurs train for their job. Drivers are required to have a license issued by the state when they turn the legal age for driving. They might have a driver’s education course under their belt, but they might just have the written test and the driving test on their resume. Our chauffeurs have ample training and experience, and it’s what sets us apart. Part of our training involves learning to keep our luxury vehicles comfortable and safe without sacrificing time.

What we value most in our chauffeurs is their pride in their position and their skill level. We treat each client with respect and professionalism, and we know how to handle clients of all walks of life. Whether you’re in town for your first vacation riding in a luxury car for the first time on a sightseeing tour or a business woman who spends most of her time in the back of a luxury vehicle working on the go, we anticipate your every need and personalize our services to cater to you as an individual. It’s a gift, and it’s one we bring to every client at Stride Limo. Chauffeurs are a step above other drivers, and they're proud of it.

Posted on Mar 07 2017

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