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Time-tested secrets to create the ultimate and last impression with your client


One of the most effective ways to succeed in business is to leave a lasting impression on your clients. For those who want to form strong relationships and partnerships, it's important to be prepared with each interaction that is made with other professionals in the industry. To impress your client and establish trust, there are a few time-tested secrets that will prove to be effective.


Dress the Part

The attire that you wear to a business meeting or appointment will speak volumes and will make the first impression when you walk into the room and greet your client. It's important to dress semi-formal and look professional to ensure that you're taken seriously and gain more respect. You'll need to stay groomed with your hairstyle and look clean-cut. Make it a point to wear a fitted suit or skirt that is sharp with neutral colors that aren't too loud or bold. Although it's important to dress professionally, you also don't want to dress out of character, which can make it easy to feel uncomfortable and make you feel uneasy with your interactions and body language.


Use Luxury Transportation

You'll look professional by renting a limo service New York when you need to drive with your clients to lunch or a business meeting. The NYC ground transportation that you use will enhance the experience with your client and will offer convenience when they need to get around without relying on taxis or the subway in the city. This will allow you to have more time to discuss a business model or a potential contract without fighting traffic or trying to find a parking spot, which can cut into the amount of time that you spend together. Using reliable transportation will make it easier to get to each location on time and enjoy a high level of comfort with the spacious interior of each vehicle. The chauffeur will make it a memorable experience with his professionalism to ensure that you and your client are fully accommodated.


Meet at a High-End Establishment

The location where you meet your client will speak volumes about your professionalism and taste. Consider meeting at a high-end restaurant that has a sleek and modern environment with the decor and furnishings that are used. You'll want to reserve a table in a well-lit area of the building to ensure that you can clearly read through paperwork and documents together. Choose a restaurant that is quiet and will allow you to hear your client speak to ensure that you both feel comfortable and are at ease.


Take Notes

You can show your client just how interested you are in your meeting by taking notes as you discuss ideas and brainstorm together. Repeat their words back to them to increase how effectively you communicate and prove that you understand their thoughts. You also want to ask plenty of questions to get a greater understanding of who they are and what they expect from your services to ensure that you deliver what they expect.

Posted on Jan 04 2017

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