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How to Stay Motivated and Make Sure Burnout Doesn't Get You


It’s an understatement that burnout is not a very nice thing to go through. Nobody wants to experience it, but if you have a demanding career, you know how prone you can be, without even realizing it. Inspired by the positive thinking we love to go by in our NYC Queens limo service, here are our 5 ways of staying motivated and minimizing the negative effects of an overwhelming workload.

  1. To-do lists

Exhaustion caused by an exaggerated workload can be amazingly difficult to deal with. Breaking down the multitude of tasks in smaller chunks, might do wonders for your mentality. Making short to-do lists generates the advantage that you feel more organized, stable and in control. Additionally, because you are looking at a smaller number of tasks at the same time, the feeling of being overwhelmed by everything you have to get done, considerably decreases as well.

  1. Useless distractions

The best thing to do when trying to work is to eliminate unnecessary distractions. Checking social media websites is the most common example. You might think that doing this when you’re trying to work serves as a quick break. Nonetheless, it has been proven that the effects these kinds of websites have is a lot different. They capture your attention and have similar effects to those of drugs on the human brain.

Try to eliminate these types of diversions from your day and opt for a truly beneficial activity to do when you’re taking a break, such as reading an article, a book, listening to a song, looking out the window, etc. The point is to invigorate your brain, not make it feel even more weighed down by overloading it with information.

  1. Meditation

There are so many types of meditation techniques out there that it shouldn’t be a problem finding one that suits your needs. Just make sure to make this an enjoyable practice. If you force yourself to do anything, you will eventually stop. The Internet is an amazing resource for finding various hand positions, breathing patterns and even chants or mantras. They ultimately have the same effect, and that is relaxation and energy recovery.

  1. The Pomodoro Technique

This is a time-management method created by Francesco Cirillo. It consists of 3 easy main steps:

- set a timer to a number of minutes, say 30.

- work until the timer rings and take a 5 minute break.

- start again and repeat for a few times before allowing yourself to take a longer break. For example, every 4 rings, you get a 30 minute break.

You can, of course, adjust the number of minutes you spend working and pausing to your personal liking. This method has proven to bring great results in all fields where productivity is essential. In time, it might even improve both your concentration and your attention span.

  1. Avoid multitasking

Even though you think you can do it and it seems like a really good idea at first, countless research and statistics have shown that working on multiple things at the same time actually decreases productivity. Because the brain cannot focus on more than one thing at once, it has to continuously switch from one task to another. This process is responsible for a number of disadvantages, which include decreased focus, more mistakes, and lower quality results.

Use our chauffeur service from New York as motivation

Motivation is not difficult to come by when you know where to look. Here, at Stride Limo Worldwide, we love to stay ahead of the game and always bring you helpful suggestions on how to maintain positivity in all aspects of life.

The luxurious, soothing environment of the vehicles we provide is an excellent example of what high class travel is all about. Enjoy our limo service in Brooklyn, Queens or wherever you need to be. Stay healthy, happy and creative.

Posted on Sep 12 2017

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