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How to Stay Healthy During a Winter Business Trip


When you are traveling for business it is important to stay healthy, and this is especially true during winter. Winter flu is in the air and large public areas, like airports, are a hive for germs. That means that it is especially important to keep your immune system in tip-top condition.

At Stride Limo, we really care about our customers and it is our job to make sure your business travel is a comfortable as possible.

Here are our tips to stay healthy during your winter business travels:


Maintain A Balanced Diet

Winter is a time for comfort food. It makes us think about Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner, pumpkin pies and roasted chestnuts. But in-between these delicious feasts you are traveling for business and you need to keep to a balanced diet. It is far too easy to grab some fast food while you are waiting in the airport or after a meeting in a foreign city.

Here are some specific tips on how to keep a balanced diet.

  • Always choose healthier fast-food outlets - while it is still fast food, having some vegetables and fresh food in your diet will make a huge difference.
  • Bring your own snacks - fruit and nuts are the best snacks you can choose for a balanced diet. You can even stock the mini-fridge in your hotel.
  • Drink water - always choose water over caffeinated drinks, alcohol and fizzy drinks.


Stay Warm

Making sure you are wrapped up will go a long way to avoiding flu this winter. Staying warm will increase your resistance to flu viruses and will also make you much more comfortable. There are plenty of stylish options, so you can maintain that professional look while staying warm.


Get Your Vitamins and Minerals

Getting the right vitamins and minerals will help you avoid illness on your business travels. Buy some multivitamin tablets to take regularly while you are away from home. This will strengthen your immune system and keep the flu at bay.


Make Sure You Exercise Regularly

You don’t have to wait for January to kick-start that exercise routine. Regular exercise is another way of strengthening your immune system. Make sure you book a hotel with a gym and/or swimming facility in order to make it easy to exercise, you don’t want to be jogging out in the cold! Alternatively, ask your colleagues and customers to play a sport like squash with you, it’s a really effective way of creating business relationships.


Take Your Medicine and Remedies with You

If you have had a winter illness before, you will know which medicines and remedies work best for you. Some people swear by lemon and ginger tea, while some just want painkillers. Whatever your preference is, make sure you have it with you, so you are never caught unprepared.

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Posted on Dec 06 2017

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