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How to Prevent Jet Lag from Affecting Your Business Trip


Jet lag can bring on fatigue for many individuals that travel by plane, but it doesn't have to ruin your business trip. Unfortunately, the symptoms, often caused by traveling across different times zones, can also make it difficult to concentrate and retain your focus. For example, a trip from Africa to the United States is a lengthy trip, across different time zones that can create sleepiness in many individuals along with nausea and vomiting. Common symptoms include irritability, confusion, headaches, and indigestion. Worst of all, it can cause you to feel restless and create insomnia which can affect a business trip if proper precautions are not taken.

Having a jet lag disorder can make it hard to concentrate on a normal productive level after riding on a plane. Studies have shown that wearing sunglasses has helped a few people that deal with the symptoms from shifting their time zone. The disruption in time levels can affect your alertness for a few hours. Jet lag can create symptoms within a few hours of traveling by plane. People who suffer from the phenomenon are familiar with the symptoms often dread traveling on business trips and have a hard time operating a vehicle.

Are Jet Lag Symptoms Real & How Long Does It Take to Recover

Jet lag is also referred to as time zone change syndrome and can occur when an individual travels east to west or vice versa in an aircraft. It is a documented illness that can affect your daily rhythms and is well known to be a physiological disorder. It can take a day for the body to recover, but even longer based on each time zone that is crossed. Some individuals have complained of symptoms for up to five days.

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Posted on May 30 2017

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