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Practical Tips to Make Business Travel More Enjoyable


Does your job demand a lot of business trips? If so, you have certainly spent your fair share of time at airports frantically rushing to ensure that you don’t miss a flight, and living out of your carry-on for days on end. Business trips can be exciting at first. But they also get exhausting with the time and what was once eagerness is replaced by dread.

This is not a reason to panic, however if business travel was once enjoyable, there’s no reason it can’t be again, right? Here are a few travel hacks that you can apply to bring back the excitement of your business trips.

Airline Loyalty

Whenever possible, fly with the same airline. This will allow you to accrue loyalty points, which will grant you certain privileges such as access to the airport lounge, priority seats on your flights, and most importantly, free flights that you can cash in for personal escapades.

Create a Home Away from Home

If you’re going on a trip that will last more than a week, opt for a vacation rental as opposed to a regular hotel room. This won’t be the same as being back at home, but it’s closer than a hotel room. If possible, speak directly to the owner and negotiate a deal with the promise of being a regular guest whenever you’re in town. At that rate, you might end up feeling right at home in every city you go to.

Bring Cash

There’s not much you can’t do with plastic, but it’s better to be prepared. Heading over to the ATM before you leave can save you a lot of trouble. Going round and round searching for an ATM in a city you aren’t too familiar with is an absolute headache. Cash will also come in handy when you need to make a random or impromptu purchase like a cup of coffee, a book you might spot at the airport, etc.

Expand your Network

Why don’t you make it a point to make a new connection from your list of social media contacts every time you go on a trip? LinkedIn is perfect for finding people within your profession or people you went to school with. This will give you something more to look forward to on the trip and simultaneously give you an excuse to indulge in great meals, a few drinks, and other great experiences.

Arrive Early

Always arrive early to the airport as well as to the venue of your meeting. It’s all about expecting the unexpected; airport security snugs, flight delays, gate changes etc. By being ahead of time, unexpected changes will not cause you much distress.

If you want to arrive early every time and get a head start on your itinerary, use our New York airport transfer service. Our reliable and ever-punctual chauffeurs will have you at the airport well ahead of time, giving you the allowance for any unforeseen delays and setting a smooth, steady pace for the rest of your trip.

Posted on Aug 22 2017

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