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The Perfect Winter Business Trip Checklist


Winter can make business travel even trickier than normal. That means it is important to think about what you are taking on your trip. One of the first rules of smart packing is to write a list and stick to it.

In this blog post, we’re not going to remind you to bring your toothbrush, but instead make some suggestions that will help you on your winter travel.

At Stride Limo, it is our job to make business travel easier, whatever the weather. So, we’ve made a list of the things that will make your winter business trip easier.


Carry-On Suitcase

Some business travelers still take a suitcase, but that is a habit that is slowly dying out. These days it is all about the carry-on luggage. The two main benefits are saving added costs on the trip and saving loads of time checking in! But it also makes traveling around airports, hotels and city streets so much easier as well.  Buy a lightweight but well-built case so you can use all your weight allowance on warmer clothes.


Portable Luggage Scale

This will save a lot of time and potential embarrassment at the airport. You are going to be carrying some extra weight in your suitcase so make sure your case fits within the airline’s guidelines for a painless trip through customs.


Business Dress

If you are going on a business trip, you will obviously need to look professional. You should carefully fold your suits and other business dress and place them in a separate, thin suit-bag. This will keep them clean and should help to stop wrinkles.

You can’t take an iron and ironing board on your trip, but you can still have straight clothes. Hang your clothes up in the bathroom, turn the shower on and close the shower door to hold in the steam then simply use your hands to straighten any crinkles out. Remember to not leave them in too long!


Shoes & Boots

Buying the right shoes is essential for your winter business travel trip. You need a smart pair for your meetings and a solid pair of boots in case of harsh weather conditions. Wear your boots on the plane as they are likely to be bulkier.


Winter Clothes

You need to stay warm on your business trip. Buy a high-quality winter coat, hat, and gloves and wear them onto the plane. You can store them in the overhead compartments, and they are not counted as extra luggage items.


Warm Undergarments

This might sound silly, but invest in some warm undergarments. Thermal vests and long-johns will do you a world of good at low temperatures. The best materials for warmth are cashmere and cotton, but silk is a great light-weight option.

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Posted on Nov 28 2017

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