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Mixing Business with Pleasure


Your business travels may take you to many destinations that you are less than thrilled about visiting. However, every once in a while, you may have plans to travel to fabulous locations on business trips. These may be locations that are at the top of your personal bucket list, and you may be thrilled to have the opportunity that is presented to you. On these trips, you simply cannot allow the opportunity to go sightseeing and to explore top attractions pass you by. While you may still have business to do while you are in town, you can maximize your time by following a few easy tips to enjoy your free time as well.


Take Advantage of Your Free Time

The great thing about business trips is that you often have a solid itinerary that tells you exactly when you will be busy and when you will have free time. Review your itinerary for your upcoming trip to New York City to determine when you will have blocks of a few hours free to spend on your own. These are the hours when you can book our Brooklyn limo service to get you to different locations of the Big Apple in a convenient and luxurious way. Our drivers can shuttle you directly to the destinations you are most interested in seeing so that you can better enjoy your time in town.


Plan to Stay a Few Extra Days

When you have a chance to visit New York City without having to pay for airfare on your own, consider staying a few extra days. For example, your trip may butt up next to a weekend, and you can easily adjust your air travel plans to stay over a weekend. You can also plan to use a few vacation days to extend your trip into the middle of the week. Have any of our luxury vehicles take care of your airport transfer in New York so you can start your trip on the right foot. We can also take you back to the airport in style when your trip has reached its end.


Book Time for Sightseeing and Leisure

On your full days in New York City, consider booking limo service for the entire day. New York City is a huge area, and it simply is not practical to walk around town. If you want to see more sights and tour more attractions while in town, you need a chauffeured transportation service. This way, you do not need to worry about getting lost, fighting traffic or finding a place to park. You can easily plan out your day before you get started to maximize your time in town.

Traveling to New York City can be a monumental occasion. While business plans may be the primary reason for your trip, you can certainly make plans to mix business with pleasure. Consider following these steps to maximize every minute of your trip and to explore New York City in style while you are in town.


Posted on Apr 04 2017

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