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How to Make Technology Your Business Travel Best Friend


When you are traveling for business, you need to be organized.

Time is money after all, and you are probably on a tight schedule. You will often find yourself in unfamiliar cities and countries where the rules are different to what you are used to and you have to adapt quickly.

At Stride Limo, we pride ourselves on making business travel easy for our customers. Our highly professional New York Chauffeur Service is one of the best in the world, and we have an extensive fleet of luxury vehicles.

Even though we would love to, we can’t do everything for you on your business travels. That’s where technology comes in.

In modern-day business travel, you need to make technology your best friend.

Here’s how to do it.


Get the Right Apps

There’s an app for everything these days. That’s an expression that gets floated around all the time, but people still don’t seem to have the right apps. In March this year, we posted about the Best New Apps For Business Travelers in 2017. It’s a great place to start if your phone is looking a bit bare, but there is the whole world of apps out there.

You need to ask yourself what problems you want to fix and what could be made easier? If you are fed up with keeping all your paper receipts try Expensify, an app that lets you take a photo of your receipt and automatically stores it. If you want to get better deals on your flights download SkyScanner, an app that compares flight prices instantly. You get the idea.

With new apps, the best thing to do is give them a trial period. Try them for two weeks and see if they make your life easier or just sit on your phone doing nothing. If they aren’t useful, get rid of them.


Stay Connected

It’s no good having the right apps for the job if you haven’t got any internet connection. Make sure your devices have a plan with plenty of data and get a package that will let you stay connected abroad. Some companies have specific plans for business travelers that are really worth checking out.

It’s also worth getting a portable Wi-Fi dongle. They are relatively cheap and mean you can fire up your laptop anywhere without having to worry about your connectivity.


Stay Charged

One of the best tools in your technology arsenal is your portable charger. Getting a high-powered portable charger will save you from ever running out of battery. They are getting smaller and lighter than ever, so no need to worry about space in your bag.


Connect Your Devices

This is super important if you want to make technology work for you. You need to make your sure your phone, tablet, and laptop are all connected. If you update your calendar on your phone, it will update your laptop. If you left an important document on your tablet, you could access it on your phone etc. Apple products are especially good at this, but almost all modern devices are capable of it.

Posted on Dec 12 2017

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