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How to Improve Your Business Body Language


Have you met someone with amazing self-confidence who can hold a room’s attention without any effort? You’ll often meet these super-people and you’ll think: How can I be like them?

Well, it’s not actually a superpower. Sure, self-confidence comes more naturally to some people but sometimes it is just practice that makes it perfect.

Being in the New York ground transportation industry, we meet a lot of top executives and business persons, and they have one thing in common - great body language.

According to UCLA Psychologist Albert Mehrabian, body language is more than half of business communication; it actually constitutes 55% of the message you send during a face-to-face communication.

Here are some tips guaranteed to give you that nonverbal advantage you are looking for:


Have an Open Body Posture

 Make sure your general body position is welcoming. When you’re sitting, put your hands on the top of your thighs or use them to gesticulate. Never fold your arms.

Another great tip is to keep open palms. Subconsciously this is like embracing an old friend; it gives the impression you are a friendly person and someone to be trusted.


Never Touch Your Face

This is such a common trait when people are nervous. It makes you look uncomfortable and can put people on edge.

You probably do it all the time without realizing it, but it’s a really powerful habit to break. Next time you are under pressure, notice when you are touching your face and try to stop it. A useful tip is to give your hands something else to do - practice gesticulating or put them on your lap.


Firm Handshake

There’s nothing worse than a limp handshake.

This is one of the first rules of business and one of the most important first impressions you can make. Practice a handshake that is firm but not too firm. If you get sweaty palms, wash your hands regularly and carry some pocket tissues to dry them before meetings.


Always Smile

 This is something that’s difficult to practice. Sometimes it’s really hard to smile, and a fake smile can be quite noticeable.

If you’re not a person who smiles a lot, think of something that makes you happy or even something funny to get you in a good mood before an important meeting. A natural and warm smile will make people engage in what you’ve got to say and also make meetings ten times easier.


Learn Cultural Body Language

 If you’re meeting international clients, it will sometimes really benefit you to do some research about their body language culture.

For example, in China, if you’re talking to someone older than you, you should bow your head slightly as a sign of respect. They can also be insulted by a handshaking if you are not of the same ‘status’ as them. So, wait for them to make the first move.


In some Northern European countries, gesticulating freely with your arms can be seen as a sign of insincerity.

Count on us for your next important business meeting. We have the best solutions for all your ground transportation needs and we are here to help face new challenges. Book any of our New York car services and turn an important event into a pleasant experience.

Posted on Sep 26 2017

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