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How to Get Through the Airport Security Faster


Airport security can be really slow to get through. And for a good reason.

But when you travel regularly for business it can become a real pain. You just want to get through and jump on the plane, so you can get to your meetings on time. Or maybe you are on the way home, and you just want to see your family.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to help you get through airport security faster. Especially if you are a frequent flyer.

At Stride Limo, we are passionate about business travel and making it as comfortable as possible for our customers. We provide New York Airport Shuttle and NYC Chauffeur Services and along the way, we get to meet all sorts of interesting and knowledgeable people.

Here are our tips for getting through airport security faster.


Make Sure You Are Prepared

Watch George Clooney in Up in The Air to see an expert business traveler at work. He unpacks his electronics, whips his watch and belt off and then slips out of his shoes in seconds. Make sure you are prepared to go through the security systems and at least you aren’t wasting any of your own time. Also, there’s always the chance that other travelers will watch and learn.


Arrive Early

I know what you might be thinking. Not arriving early sort of defeat the objective of getting through airport security faster? Well, it depends on how you use your time in the departures lounge. If you get through security before peak periods, then you can sit in your lounge and have a few quiet hours of working without any distractions. This takes a bit of planning. You don’t want to turn up hours early for you flight and then get caught in the line for a flight beforehand. Check the airport’s departure schedule and breeze through.


Get Elite Status on Your Airline

Most airports will allow frequent flyers access to their priority boarding lines. You might have to check beforehand and never be afraid to ask. Just make sure you ask in a polite and humble way. It is up to the discretion of the security staff, so you need them on your side.


Sign Up for TSA Pre-Check

Over 200 airports now have a TSA Pre-Check function. This allows you to get checked before you go through customs, without having to take off your belt, watch, shoes. You can keep hold of liquids too!


Fly Business or First Class

Most airports have premium boarding lines for business and first-class flyers. Just another reason - the added cost for the ticket price is well worth it.

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Posted on Nov 14 2017

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