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Best New Apps for Business Travelers in 2017


When you're traveling for business, your smartphone is the key to a successful trip. Whether you're using it to finish up a last minute presentation or you're catching up on emails, it's always a vital asset.

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While you're passing the time during your traveling, be sure to download these 5 great new phone apps.


  1. Cash

The name says it all. This free app can be used as an easy way to exchange 'cash' with your business buddies at the bar. You don't have to bother with splitting the check up anymore. It's sponsored by Square and is a legitimate company that won't steal your information. You simply put in your debit or credit card information, connect with your friends, and instantly receive or send money.


  1. Evernote

This is a great app to keep you organized on your business trip. It's basically an online notepad that you can create to-do lists with, save online articles, track other tasks, and do a multitude of helpful things with. It's a very handy app to have when you have a million other things going on during your travels. Completely free to download and easy to use.


  1. Mint

You can easily keep track of your spending with this app. This is especially great if your business expects you to tally up your receipts on your business trip. The app is legitimate and safe to use. It will pull all of your accounts together and give you updates on how much you're spending on food, bills, and other services. It's like having a little financial planner in your pocket.


  1. Instapaper

Instapaper is a must for business travel. It helps you compile articles and videos from the internet that you actually want to read for only $3/month. The app will learn your interests and suggest readings, but you can also save articles to read later on here. Another great reason to have this app is it can be used without wi-fi.


  1. Duolingo

Learn a new language while you're on your business trip! This app is actually quite fun to use and very interactive. You can choose from a wide variety of languages to start learning. It's free and a great way to pass the time usefully.

From apps that help you organize your life to ones that are just for fun, these are the best new apps for business travelers in 2017. To make your business trip even better, be sure to reserve our Limo Service NYC Queens for your transportation needs. Our professional chauffeurs ensure that you get to where you need to go promptly and safely.

Posted on Mar 21 2017

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