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Are Airport Lounges Worth It?


If you travel for business regularly, you will do anything to make the experience more comfortable. Whether it is flying first class, booking onto our New York Airport Transfer or staying in a luxury airport lounge during a layover.

Thereís a rumor going around the business travel industry that these airport lounges are exclusively for frequent fliers or first-class passengers, which simply isnít true. In fact, most airport lounges sell day passes. So, if you donít fill the first class or frequent flier criteria, then simply walk up and ask!

Here are some advantages to airport lounges:


Peace & Quiet

Airports can be way too busy. If sharing a 20-seater bench with 19 other people and having someone fall asleep on your shoulder isnít your bag, then airport lounges are perfect for you. Get away from the hustle and bustle into the relative tranquility of the lounge. Whether you are planning to take a nap, get some work done or just sit in silence and enjoy a gin and tonic, you wonít be disappointed.


Free Wi-Fi

Airport Wi-Fi can be really slow. All lounges have their personal Wi-Fi which is much faster and more reliable than the airportís free Wi-Fi. Airport lounges also have personal workstations, so you can treat it like an office and catch up on some work.


Get Looked After

Because airports have to get so many people through customs and onto planes each day, sometimes customer service can be non-existent. But if youíve paid for an airport lounge, the customer service is a whole different story. If you have a question about your flight or have lost your baggage, they will stop at nothing to help you. Donít forget, they want you to come back!


Free Food & Drink

In most airport lounges, you will get free food and drink. If that doesnít sell it to you, we donít know what will! The food is also often a lot healthier, and of higher quality than normal airport food, so you donít feel as guilty eating it.


Get Comfortable

The last thing you want on an 8-hour layover is a hard-backed chair and some unruly kids playing around your feet. You want to sit in a nice comfortable chair and switch off to whatever Netflix series you are catching up on.



So how much is all this luxury going to cost you? Not as much as youíd think!

A quick search on Loungepass shows that a day pass to the VIP lounge at Atlanta airport is only $25. And that is a good gauge as to how much they cost all over the world. Now thatís got you thinking!

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Posted on Nov 01 2017

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