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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Stay Productive on an Airplane


We know what it's like to stay productive while on the go. Our chauffeurs meet plenty of people every day traveling in NYC who need to stay on top of work obligations. While that's easy with our comfortable and safe transportation services, just what do you do when you're on an airplane and away from the office? With these simple tips, you'll learn 5 ways to make the most of your airplane experience and be more productive than you ever thought possible.


Download Items Beforehand

We'd like to proactively assume you won't have internet access on your flight, so you can stay productive in the event you aren't connected. The best piece of advice we can give you is to download documents for offline use. Whether you need your emails, notes, or finance reviews, it's helpful to have it all on your smartphone or laptop. You might even download business and entrepreneurial podcasts to get inspired and craft your next great idea.


Charge Your Devices

Every flight and airport is different, so it can be hard to predict whether outlets will be available. It's vital you leave home with well-charged devices so you can save time instead of searching for an open outlet. Whether you're taking an international long-haul flight or a short, 1-2 hour trip, fully-charged devices will keep you prepared and productive. When you call our limo in Brooklyn NYC, we will quickly take you to your hotel or conference in style so you can easily charge up your devices without worry.


Accessorize Your Smartphone

These days, we're lucky enough to rely on smartphones for all of our working needs. A smartphone is often all you need to get things done on the go, which makes it easy to travel light. With some extra accessories, you're all set to work on the plane. A phone keyboard and tripod or stand will help you stay comfortable while typing and reading. Simple accessories like these turn your smartphone into an even better tool for productivity and organization.


Consider WiFi

If you're lucky enough to fly on an airplane that provides WiFi, you still can't count on high speeds or intense data usage. When planning to use your airplane's WiFi, pick tasks that don't involve large files. Whether conducting online research or replying to emails, you won't get to stream high-quality video or make online phone calls. Once you land, we'll happily transport you to your destination with our NYC limo service so you can get to work with more robust internet.


Keep it Simple

Sometimes, all you need is a simple notebook. Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, it helps to get your thoughts on paper and organize your goals. With a simple piece of paper and pencil, you can embrace the creative process and generate new ideas for your business. You'll be productive anywhere you go by outlining tasks, mulling over business possibilities, and simply staying organized with long-term obligations. Working on an airplane couldn't be easier.

Posted on Feb 16 2017

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