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5 Superb Buildings to Admire When Visiting Brooklyn


When you think of Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Bridge, and The Grand Army Plaza Arch are probably two of the most well-known structures that come to mind. Nonetheless, managing a limo service in Brooklyn gives us the opportunity to see many more remarkable examples of Brooklyn’s splendid architecture. Therefore, in the following blog post, we decided to share 6 of the coolest buildings that caught our eye in Brooklyn.

  1. Herman Behr Mansion

At the corner of Henry Street in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, stands the grand Herman Behr Mansion. This impressive building has a fascinating history and an intriguing past. The house was designed by Frank Freeman and constructed in 1888.

It started as a respectable family home to the Behr family, in Victorian times and has seen various transformations over the years, including becoming known as the Palm Hotel and later, a residence for the Franciscan Brothers, in 1961.

  1. US Post Office

The United States Postal Service in Cadman Plaza is a must-see if you’re visiting New York. Our chauffeur service in New York is constantly impressed with the volume of people asking to visit this marvel of architecture designed by M.E. Bell.

Looking at this huge building, you feel like you’re staring at an ancient castle. This is due to its wonderful roof covered in slate and a number of amazing moldings, arches and numerous details meant to inspire and impress bystanders.

  1. Dime Community Bank

There is a bit of confusion regarding the two banks headquartered in New York. Everyone has heard of The Williamsburg Savings Bank. However, the Dime Savings Bank has been functioning since 1864, when it was designed by Louis Montayne Mowbray & Justin Maximo Uffinger Sr. (famously known as Mowbray and Uffinger).

The columns and colonnades adorning this imposing building give it an impressive look that will definitely stay with you as a valuable lasting memory.

  1. Brooklyn Historical Society

Founded in 1863, and designed by George B. Post, the Brooklyn Historical Society is dedicated to promoting the study of Brooklyn’s extraordinary history. It also serves as a museum and a library. The front of the building displays a collection of sculpture representing noteworthy historical figures. Such personalities as Columbus, Michelangelo, Beethoven, Shakespeare, and many more await to be uncovered by the curious eyes of those who decided to visit.

You only need a second to realize the complexity and charm of this beautiful sample of Brooklyn architecture. And this is how an airport transfer in New York can turn into a valuable history lesson in mere minutes.

  1. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral

This is said to be the first community established by St. Raphael of Brooklyn. The building includes various Gothic details, common in the Victorian Era. Nonetheless, what stands out above all is the gorgeous rose window that gives the building a special touch and a matchless style.

Enjoy traveling around Brooklyn in class. Whether you are renting a limo for a night on the town or an airport shuttle in New York, you can rest assured that our professional chauffeurs are trained to take you exactly where you want to go. Simply sit back and admire the view.

These were our picks for the five most impressive buildings in Brooklyn. Hopefully this list has inspired you to go see these beautiful structures in real life. If so, make sure to rent the best limo service in NYC Queens, and enjoy appreciating urban architecture in style and elegance alongside Stride Limo.

Posted on Sep 05 2017

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