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5 Mistakes You’re Making at the Airport


By now you're probably sick of airports. They had their charm back in the 1950s, when flying in the sky still felt like something out of a science fiction novel. Today they're old news and quite stressful. However, there are 5 mistakes you no longer need to be making that can make a day at the airport a lot easier:


1.Taking a taxi from the airport

After sitting on a tiny plane for hours, the last thing you want to do is wait in a long line to squeeze into a cab. If you're flying into La Guardia, make it easier on yourself and book our Queens limo service. Our chauffeurs are service professionals dedicated to making sure you get where you need to be in comfort. Taking a limo allows you to stretch out those tired legs and enjoy some much needed relaxation after a long flight.


  1. Not checking your carry-on luggage at the gate

Why should you have to lug around a carry-on bag when you can check it at the gate for free? Just ask the gate agent if the airline provides this service--most of them do. They will happily check it for you right then. This especially comes in handy when you have connecting flights to make and don't have time to worry about dragging your luggage from place to place.


  1. Not using a car service

There is nothing worse than arriving late to the airport. With the anticipation of long security check lines, rushing to catch your flight is always a hassle. Using our New York car service takes that burden off your mind. Day or night, our chauffeurs will always ensure that you get where you need to be on time. They know the most direct routes to use and will get you there safely. With us, getting to the airport will never be a race against the clock.


  1. Not checking in online

If there is one thing you can do to make going to the airport a lot easier, it's checking in online. All of the airlines provide this service now. It usually only takes a few minutes to find your flight and push the check-in button. Many of them also have phone apps that you can download so that you can even get it over with on your way to the airport. Sometimes you even have the option to choose which seat you prefer on the flight.


  1. Not bringing your own food

One of the longest-running stand-up jokes of all time is about airplane food. It is typically bland, unhealthy, and expensive. Save yourself from a dissatisfied appetite and bring along your own snacks. You shouldn't have to starve at the airport just because you don't want to spend twenty dollars on a sandwich. Sometimes bringing along that apple or protein bar is what gets you through those extra hours at the airport. Your wallet and stomach will thank you for it.

Posted on Jan 17 2017

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