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3 Trends in Corporate Events for This Spring


Similar to staying up-to-date about the technical aspects of your work, it is important to stay current about the recent trends in corporate events for this spring.


  1. Technology has found its way into all aspects of our lives and corporate events are no different. Professionals across business industries as well as those who work for or manage nonprofits use or develop smartphone applications (apps), live streaming, and social media with increasing frequency to ensure the information they present during corporate events is accessible to as many people as possible. Applications are available for desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The trend is to market the event or business through mobile accessible apps. Using live streaming technology to spread information solves several problems, including not having the time or resources to physically attend an event, requiring an alternative way to gain information from the event (this pertains to professionals with disabilities, who may need transcripts or the ability to pause lectures).


  1. Of course, setting a professional example is a timeless trend and expectation. Professionals in a particular field and those aspiring to have a role in it should dress in a casual professional style. A new trend in professional attire is a focus on comfort and practicality. Accepted professional attire is now more relaxed than it was only five years ago. It is also reasonable to dress in your regular work attire. For instance, educators can dress similarly to the way they dress every day whether they are administrators, janitors or pathologists. However, your attire is not the only thing people at the conference notice immediately.


  1. Running late can not only put you in a rushed and unfocused state of mind, it can limit your opportunities to network. Due to the current need to build strong networks of like-minded professionals and/or potential clients, and sponsors. It's a good idea to have promotional items that market your business or skills in some way. Ordering and preparing these items takes time and focus. Many conference hosts prepare "goodie bags" to distribute. A spacious New York limousine and helpful chauffeur will help you to take whatever you need with you to your destination while having personal space to enjoy the ride and psych yourself up for your speech or networking pitch.


Reserving a NY car service with competent drivers that can easily find locations will allow you to get to your event on time if not early. Our drivers take care to make sure ride to the event as relaxing as possible (because you must have enough on your mind). It is crucial for keynote speakers to get be at the location as early as possible to review speech notes as needed, communicate with other keynote speakers and staff or handle some last minute planning. Since many professionals attend these events to network, they need to make a great impression and getting to the event early allows them invaluable time to scan their surroundings and mingle with a few other professionals.

Posted on Jan 24 2017

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